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LS6 Registry Submission Form Information & Disclaimer

All data submitted is compiled for historical purposes only. Anyone with a documented LS6 Chevelle is encouraged to submit the data requested on the contact form. No owner's name, address, or email account will be published unless they so desire. All personal data of this type will be kept in a database. Anyone requesting such data will have their request forwarded to the current owner on file. If they wish to respond, it will be up to the owner. This site will only pass along the request.

Any of the following is required in verifying and registering your LS6.
1. Photo or scan or the original built sheet showing schedule date, VIN, and of course the LS6 option.
2. Photo or scan of the original warranty card (Protect-O-Plate) showing engine code and VIN.
3. Photo of engine pad showing engine code and partial VIN.
4. Photo or scan of original factory invoice, bill-of-sale, etc. showing LS6 option and VIN.
5. Total file size for all images submitted should be 5MB or smaller.  If they total more than this, please send them separately.
6. If you want a really nice photo in the gallery, photo should be a digital "out-of-the-camera" image at your camera's highest resolution.

The VIN and/or trim tag IS NOT verification of any LS6.

Any Chevelle submitted without some form of documentation or proof of it being an LS6 Chevelle will not be listed in the registry.

Basically, some form of verification showing the VIN and LS6 option is required, or in the case of the protect-o-plate card the engine code and the VIN. VIN and option must be on the same piece of verification submitted.

When submitting photos or scans of your build sheet, trim tag, warranty card (Protect-O-Plate) or your LS6 please be sure the documentation is readable so it can be verified. The documentation is needed to verify the car's VIN and LS6 data match and, aside from basic data shown in the tables for each plant, will be kept confidential and on file for historical preservation.

If you wish to include a photo of your LS6 for the gallery, the photo should be in 3/4 front view and free from obstructions like children's toys, garage clutter, telephone poles, etc.; something similar to the photo on our home page and be at least 640x480. Larger is OK as I can reduce the size but cannot (with any clarity) enlarge a digital image.

The registration form allows up to 3 files to be uploaded from your computer and attached to the registration.  Any additional images can be separately emailed to the address below.

If you are not comfortable with supplying the data via the form page, please note the information needed noted above for verification and simply email me the data attached to the email along with the information requested on the form.  Email...

Notice: I have been experiencing problems with my third-party form handling supplier and sometimes the registration form does not get sent to the proper address of the registry. If you do not hear from me or see your car in the registry after a couple of days, please forward your response copy of the form and any images submitted to

LS6 REGISTRY  - All Rights Reserved

03/28/2016: If you are using a smartphone or tablet of some type to complete the form, it may not be forwarded by the email handler on your device. If you experience a problem, like me not getting the completed form, and insist on using a smartphone or tablet then please take a screenshot of the completed form BEFORE you click the "Submit" button and email me that screenshot plus any photos you have to document the car and/or wish to submit to the gallery. Photos are limited to 5MB each.

I've experienced the same issue with some other email address as well from MACS and PCs, not getting the registration form. If you received your confirmation email but do not hear back from me within a couple of days of registration, please forward your copy of the confirmation and attach any photos to the forwarded email and email them to me at

Terms of Registration: All submitted photos become the property of Webs by Dale and may be used for any legitimate purpose on this and other websites in the Webs By Dale family or any print publications (books) associated with this author's efforts without payment expected or due to the contributor. Submitted photos by any registrant may be used by WBD for display on any other WBD website or print publication without compensation.

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