LS6 Registry Submission Form

Additional photos may be submitted to...

Try to find a photo of your Chevelle that does not have the front or rear cut off like this:
L78 REGISTRY  - All Rights Reserved
Take a few steps back and capture the entire car.

If you have trouble identifying the data requested on your Chevelle trim tag, go here - select your Chevelle's year then the plant.

* If your LS6 Chevelle is a convertible or originally had a vinyl top, DO NOT select an "Upper Body Paint Color" but rather a "Convertible or Vinyl Top Color"  See your trim tag for original color(s). If your LS6 Chevelle is a special paint, select either "Dash character or blank" or "Special Paint Code" and note special paint code if applicable in the "Comments"  See example trim tags for location of the information.

M22 4-Speed
M40 TH400
Dont Know
Visual Verification Image

* Required

Trim tag examples:
LS6 Registry

LS6 Registry
Example of lower body special paint code

LS6 Registry
Example of lower body special paint code using a dash ( - ) character

Build sheet example date (03-06)

Notice: I have been experiencing problems with my third-party form handling supplier and sometimes the registration form does not get sent to the proper address of the registry. If you do not hear from me or see your car in the registry after a couple of days, please forward your response copy of the form and any images submitted to

LS6 REGISTRY  - All Rights Reserved

03/28/2016: If you are using a smartphone or tablet of some type to complete the form, it may not be forwarded by the email handler on your device. If you experience a problem, like me not getting the completed form, and insist on using a smartphone or tablet then please take a screenshot of the completed form BEFORE you click the "Submit" button and email me that screenshot plus any photos you have to document the car and/or wish to submit to the gallery. Photos are limtied to 5MB each.

I've experienced the same issue with some other email address as well from MACS and PCs, that is not getting the registration form. If you received your confirmation email but do not hear back from me within a couple of days of registration, please forward your copy of the confirmation and attach any photos to the forwarded email and email them to me at