Arlington, Texas

Random Arlington, TX. LS6 Chevelle

Int  -  Ext
Trans/RearZL2SCHED NO-DATE / DealerNotes
0101/26/2009136372149xx79648 4803D/11853M22/unkYxx-xxxx / HUDIBERG CHEVROLET - MIDWEST CITY, OK(1)
0204/07/2009136372298xx75610 1004C/23458M22/unkYxx-xxxx / REED DRAPER CHEVROLET -  BAY CITY, MI(1)
0304/21/2009136372081xx75575 7502A/06491M22/3.31Yxx-xx / SIEGEL-TONKIN CHEVROLET - GRANTS PASS, ORn/a
0406/20/2009136372356xx75548 4804E/27698M22/4.10Y01-0257 / BRIGANCE CHEV SALES, INC. - OAK PARK, IL(1)
0512/24/2009136372427xx78775 7505B/32707M22/3.31**Yxx-xxxx / KEN BENDER MOTORS(1)
0603/21/2011136372086xx75614 B02A/06960M22/3.31Y05-0361 / RUDOLPH CHEVROLET - PHOENIX, AZ(1)
0705/30/2011136372112xx75614 1402C/08929M30/4.10Nxx-xxxx / BILL HAZELETT
0807/27/2011136372602xx75614 1406C/45400M22/4.10Yxx-xxxx / CRAIG AYERS CHEVROLET - EDMOND, OK(1)
0901/10/2012136372113xx75678 7802C/08975M22/4.10Y11-0015 / SERVICE CHEVROLET - ADA, OK(1)
1003/05/2012136372153xx77175 7503A/00398M22/4.10Y05-0398 / CITY MOTOR CAR CO - GREAT FALLS, MT(1)
1104/10/2012136372386xx79028 2805A/29838M22/3.31Yxx-xxxx / ED BLACK'S CHEVROLET - ALBUQUERQUE, NM(1)
1205/22/2013136372020xx75651 ***01B/01671M22/3.31**Y (1)
1306/07/2012136372022xx75628 2801C/02816M22/3.31Yxx-xxxx / KORTE CHEVROLET -
1409/01/2013136372327xx75545 4504D/xxxxxM33/4.10Nxx-xxxx / OLSEN CHEVROLET -
1509/01/2013136372464xx79119 1905C/xxxxxM22/4.10Y (*)
1609/01/2013136372500xx771BLANK *05E/37823M22/unk 05-xxxx / BRADLEY CHEVROLET
1709/15/2014136372559xx75578 7806B/42189M22/3.31Yxx-xxxx / HOCKNER PLAZA -(1)
1810/08/2014136372037xx75575 B01C/03048M30/3.31Yxx-xxxx / GENE TEAGUE CHEVROLET - STAYTON, OR(1)
1906/30/2015136372476xx755BLANK *05D/36124M22/4.10N019-516 / BRADLEY CHEVROLET
2007/01/2015136372584xx75617 1706C/44027M22/4.10Y15-007 / R & S CHEVROLET INC - JOPLIN, MO(1)
2107/28/2015136372171xx75619 1903B/13878M22/3.31Yxx-xxxx / FRONTIER CHEVROLET - BILLINGS, MONTANA(1)
2212/20/2015136372275xx75519 B04B/21685M22/4.10Y11-0140 / MILNER CHEVROLET COMPANT - ST LOUIS MISSOURI(1)
2309/28/2016136372182xx75510 B03C/14792M22/3.31Y (1)
2412/19/2016136372404xx78775 7505B/31125M22/3.31N (1)
2512/25/2016136372441xx75675 7505C/33628M40/3.31Yxx xxxx / EDWARDS CHEVROLET(1)
136372027xx79019 1901B/02204M22/4.10Y (1)
2712/14/2017136372278xx75675 7504B/21941M40/x.xxY (1)
2801/20/2019136372158xx75675 B03B/xxxxxM22/4.10Y (1)
2911/22/201913637209xx79078 7802B/07818M22/3.31Yxx xxxx / LEE JOHNSON CHEVROLET - KIRKLAND, WA(1)


If there are two or more dates in the "Date Registered" column, the car was sold and the registry was notified on the second and subsequent (if applicable) dates.

Registered w/Owner:
13637 Sport Coupes = 29
13667 Convertibles = 0
Total Arlington = 29

*  Paint code on this car is blank indicating option ZP3, special order paint color. Paint remnants indicate the car was ordered with Camaro Gold (Camaro code #53).  Photo
** At least two Arlington cars have been found with CCF coded rear ends on their Protect-O-Plates (POP). The CCF rear end code is for a Positraction 3.31:1 for L48 and L34 Chevelles yet both of those found also show LS6 engine codes and both owner's swear the ratio is 4.10:1, not 3.31:1. The LS6 registry is undertaking research to see if it is possible that Arlington somehow coded the rear end for an ordered LS6 with 4.10:1 rear end with the CF broadcast code causing this discrepancy. A third Arlington POP with a sequence number between the two in question is also known to exist and it has the correctly coded CRW Positraction 4.10:1 rear end code on the POP.
*** Paint code number 51 was a 1970 Corvette/Camaro color as well as other GM divisions like Oldsmobile as a special order. Since this car was built at Arlington, and Oldsmobiles were available in this color, it is likely the paint was on hand at Arlington and according to a reputable source not improbable for Fisher Body to stamp this code on a Chevelle. A second oddity on the tag is there is only one stamping of the paint color number 51 and no indication of a vinyl top where stamping would be something like 51 B; just a single 51 for both lower and upper body color. This single stamping of 51 is in the typical location for the lower body color stamping on other Arlington trim tags.

(*) NCOA Giveaway Car - where is it now?

(1) Documentation supplied by current or former owner or verified by reliable source. If there is a link here it will link to a page of the car's photo/history/story.

n/a - No paperwork supplied but other factors point toward the car being an LS6.

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