Arlington, Texas

Random Arlington, TX. LS6 Chevelle

Int  -  Ext
Trans/RearZL2SCHED NO-DATE / DealerNotes
0101/26/2009136372149xx79648 4803D/11853M22/unkYxx-xxxx / HUDIBERG CHEVROLET - MIDWEST CITY, OK(1)
0204/07/2009136372298xx75610 1004C/23458M22/unkYxx-xxxx / REED DRAPER CHEVROLET -  BAY CITY, MI(1)
0304/21/2009136372081xx75575 7502A/06491M22/3.31Yxx-xx / SIEGEL-TONKIN CHEVROLET - GRANTS PASS, ORn/a
0406/20/2009136372356xx75548 4804E/27698M22/4.10Y01-0257 / BRIGANCE CHEV SALES, INC. - OAK PARK, IL(1)
0512/24/2009136372427xx78775 7505B/32707M22/3.31**Yxx-xxxx / KEN BENDER MOTORS(1)
0603/21/2011136372086xx75614 B02A/06960M22/3.31Y05-0361 / RUDOLPH CHEVROLET - PHOENIX, AZ(1)
0705/30/2011136372112xx75614 1402C/08929M30/4.10Nxx-xxxx / BILL HAZELETT
0807/27/2011136372602xx75614 1406C/45400M22/4.10Yxx-xxxx / CRAIG AYERS CHEVROLET - EDMOND, OK(1)
0901/10/2012136372113xx75678 7802C/08975M22/4.10Y11-0015 / SERVICE CHEVROLET - ADA, OK(1)
1003/05/2012136372153xx77175 7503A/00398M22/4.10Y05-0398 / CITY MOTOR CAR CO - GREAT FALLS, MT(1)
1104/10/2012136372386xx79028 2805A/29838M22/3.31Yxx-xxxx / ED BLACK'S CHEVROLET - ALBUQUERQUE, NM(1)
1205/22/2013136372020xx75651 ***01B/01671M22/3.31**Y (1)
1306/07/2012136372022xx75628 2801C/02816M22/3.31Yxx-xxxx / KORTE CHEVROLET -
1409/01/2013136372327xx75545 4504D/xxxxxM22/4.10Nxx-xxxx / OLSEN CHEVROLET -
1509/01/2013136372464xx79119 1905C/xxxxxM22/4.10Y (*)
1609/01/2013136372500xx771BLANK *05E/37823M22/unk 05-xxxx / BRADLEY CHEVROLET
1709/15/2014136372559xx75578 7806B/42189M22/3.31Yxx-xxxx / HOCKNER PLAZA -(1)
1810/08/2014136372037xx75575 B01C/03048M40/3.31Yxx-xxxx / GENE TEAGUE CHEVROLET - STAYTON, OR(1)
1906/30/2015136372476xx755BLANK *05D/36124M22/4.10N019-516 / BRADLEY CHEVROLET
2007/01/2015136372584xx75617 1706C/44027M22/4.10Y15-007 / R & S CHEVROLET INC - JOPLIN, MO(1)
2107/28/2015136372171xx75619 1903B/13878M22/3.31Yxx-xxxx / FRONTIER CHEVROLET - BILLINGS, MONTANA(1)
2212/20/2015136372275xx75519 B04B/21685M22/4.10Y11-0140 / MILNER CHEVROLET COMPANT - ST LOUIS MISSOURI(1)
2309/28/2016136372182xx75510 B03C/14792M22/3.31Y (1)
2412/19/2016136372404xx78775 7505B/31125M22/3.31N (1)
2512/25/2016136372441xx75675 7505C/33628M40/3.31Yxx xxxx / EDWARDS CHEVROLET(1)
136372027xx79019 1901B/02204M22/4.10Y (1)
2712/14/2017136372278xx75675 7504B/21941M40/x.xxY (1)
136372158xx75675 B03B/xxxxxM22/4.10Y (1)
2911/22/2019136372097xx79078 7802B/07818M22/3.31Yxx xxxx / LEE JOHNSON CHEVROLET - KIRKLAND, WA(1)
3001/14/2020136372207xx75519 1903D/16687M22/4.10N17  0781(1)
3102/17/2020136372515xx75617 1706A/38957M22//4.10Yxx xxxx / STEAKLY CHEVROLET - WACO TX.(n/a)
3202/21/2020136372202xx75575 B03D/16305M22/4.10N (1)


If there are two or more dates in the "Date Registered" column, the car was sold and the registry was notified on the second and subsequent (if applicable) dates.

Registered w/Owner:
13637 Sport Coupes = 32
13667 Convertibles = 0
Total Arlington = 32

*  Paint code on this car is blank indicating option ZP3, special order paint color. Paint remnants indicate the car was ordered with Camaro Gold (Camaro code #53).  Photo
** At least two Arlington cars have been found with CCF coded rear ends on their Protect-O-Plates (POP). The CCF rear end code is for a Positraction 3.31:1 for L48 and L34 Chevelles yet both of those found also show LS6 engine codes and both owner's swear the ratio is 4.10:1, not 3.31:1. The LS6 registry is undertaking research to see if it is possible that Arlington somehow coded the rear end for an ordered LS6 with 4.10:1 rear end with the CF broadcast code causing this discrepancy. A third Arlington POP with a sequence number between the two in question is also known to exist and it has the correctly coded CRW Positraction 4.10:1 rear end code on the POP.
*** Paint code number 51 was a 1970 Corvette/Camaro color as well as other GM divisions like Oldsmobile as a special order. Since this car was built at Arlington, and Oldsmobiles were available in this color, it is likely the paint was on hand at Arlington and according to a reputable source not improbable for Fisher Body to stamp this code on a Chevelle. A second oddity on the tag is there is only one stamping of the paint color number 51 and no indication of a vinyl top where stamping would be something like 51 B; just a single 51 for both lower and upper body color. This single stamping of 51 is in the typical location for the lower body color stamping on other Arlington trim tags.

(*) NCOA Giveaway Car - where is it now?

(1) Documentation supplied by current or former owner or verified by reliable source. If there is a link here it will link to a page of the car's photo/history/story.

n/a - No paperwork supplied but other factors point toward the car being an LS6.

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